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Anigma-Fury warrior

Post  Anigma-f on Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:09 am

1. My last guild were Reality Check and my raiding exp with them was 4/5 hyajl and 4/9 BT.

2. yes i will but after prolly 12:15 Ill have to go.

3. yes i could i love raiding and do not mind it at all.

4.Yes i will always have flasks ready and enchants/gems updated.

5. I am Fury right now and yes i would respec for the guilds needs.

6 I dont know why my PvE gear isnt updating... i might have to link it to a officer/leader.

7. Yes my ventrilo is working and my mic is working also.

8.My internet is always working and availible Very Happy

9. 14
9b. Some reasons u should still accept me is i was in ur guild before and raiding with u guys and imo i am mature for my age.

10. I should mostly be always on and ready to raid exept for when something is going on (funeral, wedding or party)


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