Victhor shadow priest

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Victhor shadow priest

Post  Victhor on Fri Aug 01, 2008 3:10 am

First just to let you know i'm french but i understand really well english and im talking better than i'm writing lol!!!

1.What is your current guild and what were your past guilds? Vexation for the last year! Before that i was in Olympe, and panadol(Wisky pvp team, for the old school guy)
How did youcontribute to that guild? I was one of the main raider of Vexation with more than 90% attendance and number 1 shadow priest in the guild
What kind of raiding experience did youhave with those guilds? 2 year of experience !!before bc i was an holy priest and i did MC and BwL, after BC i turned shadow priest until today
2. Are you able to raid 8:30pm-12AM server time Sunday-Thursday? Yes, im working 7-3 so i got the time for it!

3. Can you handle wiping on new content for hours upon hours several nights of the week? Yes of course, i alway get ton of buff on me so wiping is not a problem! I mainly playing wow for raiding so i doesnt care if we wiping and learning or killing boss!

4.Are you prepared to farm flasks, pots, oils and anything else that'll help increase your character's raid performance? This also includes having all your proper enchants/gems necessary on your gear.
Alway , im alway fully buff,food ,potion,flask or elixir and oil in all raid and my gear are alway enchanted and socketed

5. What is your spec? Would you be willing to respec to perform a role in a raid that we need you to?
I'm shadow and yes i can manage to switc spec for helping guild , I've done it many time with vexation

6. Give us your armory link please
I got 1325 shadow dmg unbuff and trinket not used with 34,25% crit (mindblast and swd) with max spell hit and just started to get my hasted set, i got only 28 spell hasted a this moment(1%).

7. Do you have Ventrilo and a working microphone? yes i got that too

8. Is your internet connection reliable? yep i got cable connection

9. How old are you? We look for people over the age of 17 when recruiting, though exceptions will sometimes be made. i'm 31 years old

10. Tell us somethings about yourself(Make us want to recruit you)in less than 15 words. I'm alway rdy and prepare to raid 30 minute before it. And i'm Good!


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oups armory didnt work

Post  Victhor on Fri Aug 01, 2008 3:24 am


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Post  Trinity on Fri Aug 01, 2008 11:39 am

Application accepted, please send tell to Lovehandles, Bulshifter, or Trėnity in game for an invite. Make sure you read all of our loot rules and raiding policy's and UNDERSTand them. Get your mats for your shadow resist gear ASAP, we provide hearts. ALSO you must learn all of the fights in HYJAL and BLACK TEMPLE. and know how to perform in them. I am tired of new recruits saying, I DONT KNOW THIS FIGHT, PLEASE EXPLAIN. Do your homework.


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Re: Victhor shadow priest

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