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Post  Namyoon on Thu Sep 11, 2008 9:21 pm

1.What is your current guild and what were your past guilds?
Have been in a small guild while levelling, the Guild was called Cartel.

How did youcontribute to that guild?: Helped out the few members where possible, healing for group quests in outlands, contributing items to the GB as well.

What kind of raiding experience did youhave with those guilds?:
As I said, it was a small guild, literally 3 people in it, so no raids happened. I do have some SSC experience though, and a bit of TK.

2. Are you able to raid 8:30pm-12AM server time Sunday-Thursday?
Not a problem at all, just let me know where to be Smile

3. Can you handle wiping on new content for hours upon hours several nights of the week?
If I've learned one thing from many years in customer service: its patience Smile

4.Are you prepared to farm flasks, pots, oils and anything else that'll help increase your character's raid performance? This also includes having all your proper enchants/gems necessary on your gear.
Yep, not a problem, I keep stocks of everything I need Smile

5. What is your spec? Would you be willing to respec to perform a role in a raid that we need you to?
Holy spec at the moment (42/19/0), but I have a halfway decent tanking set coming along, might need a bit more work on it, but sure Smile

6. Give us your armory link please.

7. Do you have Ventrilo and a working microphone?
Yep! Smile

8. Is your internet connection reliable?
Yep, only one on the line, and its very stable.

9. How old are you? We look for people over the age of 17 when recruiting, though exceptions will sometimes be made.
Turnin 24 in a few weeks.

10. Tell us somethings about yourself(Make us want to recruit you)in less than 15 words.
Badass healer, will give 200% in every raid, and be there everytime. Thanks much!


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